MSRP: $27,999.00
Manufacturer: Arctic Cat
Condition: New


If you want to take on some of the toughest trails, you'll need the best of the best. You want a side-by-side built for the challenging climbs and the tricky terrains. With the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition, you'll get just that. With trail-oriented features including a lower gear ratio transaxle and 32-inch trail tires, as well as a factory-installed Garmin Tread Powersports Navigator, you'll be ready for the ride of your life.



Engine Type
Liquid-Cooled, 3 Cylinder
Drive Train
Drive System
2WD / 4WD Electric Actuation, with Selectable Front Diff Lock
Fuel System
EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
Gear Selection
Front Differential
2WD / 4WD Selectable Locker
Rear Differential


Electronic Power Steering
Front Suspension
Double A-Arm with 18-in. (46 cm) Travel
Rear Suspension
Trailing Arm with 18-in. (46 cm) Travel
Shock Absorbers
FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 with Compression Adjustment (Front) FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 with Compression Adjustment and Bottom-Out Control (Rear)
Brake System
4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc, Dual Piston Caliper Front, Single Piston Caliper Rear
Parking Brake
Park in Transmission
Front Tires
Kenda Klever 32x10 R15
15" Aluminum


Total Capacity
730 lbs (331 kg)
Bed Capacity
300 lbs (136 kg)


Alternator (Electrical Charging System)
470 Watt Stator and 65 Amp Alternator
Accessory Connection System
Pre-Wired Connections for up to 8 Accessories (4 Switch & 4 Key-on)


Overall Length
139.2 in (353.5 cm)
Overall Width
64 in. (162.6 cm)
Overall Height
68.5 in. (173.9 cm)
Overall Weight (Dry)
1,918 lbs (869.9 kg)
95 in. (241.3 cm)
Ground Clearance
16 in. (40.6 cm)
Fuel Capacity
10 gal (37.9 L)
Not Equipped
Glove Box Capacity
4 gal (15.1 L)
Bed Dimensions (L x W x H)
34 x 32 x 9 in. (86.4 x 81.3 x 22.9 cm)


Standard Colors


Skid Plate
Full Length, 2 Piece
Standard Instrumentation
Multifunction Digital Gauge
Halogen with LED Accetn, Dual LED Tail Lights
Start Method
Electric Start
Stitched, Two-Tone, Contoured Bucket Seats, 3 Point Seat Belts
Storage Components
Cargo Bed, Glove Box
Additional Features
Standard Full Doors, 4-Point and Click-6 Belt Ready, 40% Reduced Gear Ratio, Color Matched ROPS and Suspension, 4 Spider Front Gear Case, Race-Inspired ROPS with Front and Rear Intrusion Bars
Standard Accessories
Front Bumper, 3,500-lb WARN Winch, Rock Sliders, Trail Side Kit, Aluminum Roof, Garmin Tread Powersports Navigator with Long Range Antenna





  • OFF-ROAD RACING INSPIRED SUSPENSION SYSTEM UNEQUAL LENGTH A-ARM FRONT SUSPENSION A better ride starts up front. Our unequal length A-arms neutralize camber, grabbing more of the ground to stabilize you through every white-knuckle corner. REAR TRAILING ARM SUSPENSION Hardcore trophy truck and Class 1 buggy racers will recognize the vehicle’s rear trailing arm. It links to the front instead of the sides to keep your wheels moving up-and-down, not side-to-side. 80% LESS TRACK-WIDTH CHANGE Many vehicles are plagued with side-to-side motion that pushes you off course, requiring constant steering corrections and robbing you of stability. Wildcat XX creates 80% less track-width change than the competition for the smoothest ride in the industry.
  • RACE-WORTHY POWER CLASS-LEADING 130HP ENGINE Equipped with a class-leading 998cc, three cylinder, 4-stroke EFI engine producing 130HP, the Arctic Cat Black Hills Edition is built to push the limits. The powerful DOHC engine allows for better airflow with fewer obstructions and offers more efficient, consistent performance. With power like this, prepare for exhilaration.
  • RIDE WITH FRIENDS GARMIN TREAD POWERSPORT NAVIGATOR Enhance your ride with the dash-mounted Garmin Tread Off Road GPS. Garmin is an absolute necessity for any group ride, letting you view your routes, music and group members' locations easily. The Garmin Tread fits seamlessly and comes factory installed on the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition, so you can get out there and get started right away.
  • ELIMINATE BUMPS PREMIUM FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 SHOCKS WITH BOTTOM-OUT CONTROL With the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition, you won't have to compromise between shocks that can absorb big bumps and shocks that offer a more comfortable ride- we gave the side-by-side both. A three-position shock dial control lets you switch from soft, medium, and firm settings depending on the terrain, and with bottom-out control, you'll get an extra 3,000 lbs of damping force when you hit bumps in the trail.
  • SMOOTH POWER DELIVERY ADAPT CVT CLUTCH For enhanced power delivery, the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition uses the exclusive ADAPT CVT clutch system. The Drive and Driven clutches are lighter-weight and employ an advanced idler system to maintain constant belt tension, which lengthens belt life, minimizes wear, and maximizes throttle response.
  • ADAPTABLE CONTROL SHIFT ON-THE-FLY 4WD WITH LOCKING FRONT DIFFERENTIAL With quick and easy 2/4-Wheel Drive selectability, your Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition can shift on-the-fly between 2WD and 4WD depending on what terrain you're ready to tackle. If you need even more traction, the ALL-NEW locking front differential exclusive to the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition puts maximum torque to all four wheels. With this epic side-by-side built for the tricky trails, you'll be more in control of your ride than ever before.
  • BORN TO CLIMB ALL-NEW LOWER GEAR RATIO TRANSAXLE The Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition is built with an all-new lower gear ratio transaxle, designed specifically considering the tough trails you'll encounter. For challenging climbs and crawls, this specialized transaxle increases traction in lower gears, giving you more grip on uneven terrains. This new transaxle has 40% reduced low gear ratio, making it stronger and more durable, so you'll be able to take on more.
  • KEEP COOL NEW CLUTCH COVER AND COOLING SYSTEM The Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition is equipped with an all-new clutch cover and cooling system, equipped to seal water and cool the vehicle more efficiently than the standard Wildcat XX. This offers steady airflow throughout the vehicle and keeps the CVT belt cool and dry in the heat, so you can keep riding all day without taking a breather.
  • ELEVATE YOUR RIDE 15-INCH GROUND CLEARANCE With more ground clearance comes more exploration. The elevated 15-inches of ground clearance offered by the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition keeps you high above the terrain, along with obstacles and debris. This side-by-side leaves those all in the dust.
  • BIGGER AND BADDER 32-INCH TIRES The upgraded 32-inch Kenda Klevers trail tires on the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition will give you more traction on tough terrains and higher ground clearance. These larger tires will elevate your ride, also absorbing some of the shock from hardcore trail riding.
  • ENHANCED STRENGTH DURABLE COMPONENTS With the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition, we took obstacles into account and doubled down on durable, tested parts, including double shear steering and suspension components, a forged aluminum front knuckle, oversized front and rear wheel bearings, a hanging rear drivetrain, and removable rear bottom skid plates. All these durable components will bring the most out of every adventure you take.
  • NO ROUGH RIDES 18 INCHES OF FRONT AND REAR TRAVEL With 18 inches of front and rear travel, the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition doesn't flinch at a bump in the road. This extreme side-by-side is fully equipped to tackle and tame intense terrains.
  • SAFETY FIRST RACE-INSPIRED ROPS We know that Wildcat riders love exhilarating adventures and tough challenges. To keep things safe, we made sure that the Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition is equipped with a durable, race-inspired roll-over protection system.
  • BLOCK OUT DEBRIS STANDARD FULL DOORS & OVERSIZED FENDERS The Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition is equipped with full-length hard doors that keep the cab more isolated from the elements. Plus with oversized fenders over each wheel, you'll get even more protection from dust and debris.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR RIDE We made Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition to take on the most extreme terrain — and you get to make it yours. Customize the ultimate performance side-by-side with 30 premium accessories, including: - Bumpers and Guards - Cab Accessories - Rear Windshields - Audio and Speaker Systems - Cargo and Racks - Lights - Roofs - Storage - Windshields
  • SPACIOUS AND COMFORTABLE LARGE CAB The ultimate chassis control, comes from the best in-cab comfort. The Wildcat XX Black Hill Edition has a large and spacious cab and features bucket seats with upper body supports, 3-point seat belts, adjustable driver seat, infinitely adjustable steering and a digital gauge tilting in unison with the steering wheel.
  • STORE MORE CLASS-LEADING 300-LB BED The Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition has space for any extra gear you'll need for a full day of riding. The bed has enough room to carry a 32-inch spare tire or up to 300-lbs. of gear.
  • 80% LESS TRACK-WIDTH CHANGE Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition is easier to service than any other performance side-by-side. Toolless bed removal gives you access to the powertrain, and a removable rear bottom skid plate lets you service the transaxle and engine with ease. You can also enter the front gear case by pulling off the front steel skid. All so you can make quick adjustments, then get back in the driver’s seat.
  • BE PREPARED TRAILSIDE KIT The Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition comes with a trailside kit that has emergency gear to get you out of tough spots. It includes a first aid kit, tow straps, jumper cables, ratchet tie downs, an air compressor, a tire patch kit, zip ties, duct tape, and cloth rags.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION 6-MONTH WARRANTY With 6 months of rock-solid coverage protecting your Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition, you can have peace of mind on and off the trail.

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